M3online is an exclusive library of prerecorded classes in a variety of styles and lengths that you can access any time. M3online brings your favorite M3Yoga instructors right to your home via on-demand classes. New classes added daily.

M3online FAQ

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What is M3online?
M3online is our on-demand library of quality yoga classes from the M3 instructors you love. It allows you to practice any time from anywhere. We currently have 200+ different classes to choose from with more added all the time.

What’s the difference between M3live and M3online?
M3online offers pre-recorded classes only. There is no live instructor.

M3live offers livestream classes during which the instructor is right there live with you on screen. An M3online membership does NOT give you access to M3live livestreamed classes.

How much does M3online cost?
M3online is $22 per month per household. It’s a recurring payment that is charged until you cancel it. You can sign up for it here.

How do I take an M3online class?
Simply click the M3online Access button above or click here.

All classes are played through YouTube, so no special software is needed.

What’s the M3online password?
If you just signed up for M3online, it takes 5-15 minutes for the password to be automatically emailed to you. If you still don’t have it, email us. The M3online password is changed every Monday for security.

I’m a monthly/annual/semester member, can I use M3online?
Yes! M3online access is included as one of your member perks!

I have a 10 class pass, can I use M3online?
No, you’ll need to sign up for the M3online access monthly membership.

Is there a limit to how many M3online classes I can take?
Nope! Take as many classes as you want as many times as you want.

Can someone else do an M3online class with me?
If they live with you, yes. The membership covers each household. Please do not share the password or access with those not living with you.

I need to cancel my M3online membership. 
Aww, we’re sad to see you go, but understand! To cancel, fill out the form here. Once we process it, we’ll email you back to confirm. Please note, due to our payment processor, we need 15 days notice to cancel to avoid you being charged.

I have another question. 
Email us at team@m3yoga.com! We’re happy to answer and help you get start with M3online.

Join M3online

$22 per month

– Full access to on-demand M3online classes
– Yoga on your time
– Does not include M3live livestream classes
– Perfect for newer and experienced yogis alike – classes for EVERY body