M3Yoga Update From Nick – April 5

Hey there friend,

First, how are you? I want to know that, despite our ever changing surroundings and circumstances, you are ok. And that your loved ones are too. Don’t ever hesitate to reach out to me, respond to this email, or send our team a message on social media. We are here for you, all of you.

I wanted to reach out and share some updates on what we have been up to at M3 the last few weeks. We have had M3online running for almost 3 weeks and M3live running for almost 2 weeks. In that time we have learned a lot, been frustrated with technology, been confused about loan applications and access, been uncertain about where to turn, heartbroken by those who have been struggling around us, and so much more.

In that time we have also been humbled by our community’s support, learned that we can innovate and adapt despite dire circumstances, changed business models on more than one occasion, been inspired by the heroes around us, and learned how to maintain connections, albeit in different ways than we are used to.

Like you, we’ve been through ups and downs, but our community has been our constant. Thank you for that. We love you. I love you.

We are doing everything we can to keep M3 around when all of this is over, but also doing everything we can to make sure you all don’t feel an absence of M3 while we maintain social distancing guidelines and public health safety.

New consistent livestream schedule
One of the big things we have noticed in ourselves and in our community is the complete disruption of routine. I am constantly stopping and thinking, “What day is this? What am I supposed to be doing right now?” I am not the only one struggling to find a sense of normalcy in the abnormal. Our students, teachers, and support staff have also expressed similar feelings.

Because of that, starting tomorrow, April 6, we will have a consistent livestream schedule for the next few weeks. No more shifting classes, times or teachers. Originally, we’d hoped to be able to re-open in early April, but governmental policies will not allow that. Right now, we anticipate being a virtual studio through April.

I feel the best things we can offer you in this unprecedented time are: consistency in classes, connection, and something to look forward to each day/week. This new livestream schedule with 33 weekly classes lets you plan your yoga around your schedule on your terms. It lets yoga be a stable constant in the chaos.

We’ve even added in some fun new classes like Flow + Meditate, HIIT Flow and Yoga Fundamentals for you to enjoy at home too.

If you haven’t tried an M3live class, I highly encourage you to. They’re a lot of fun and it’s so fulfilling for all of us to see each other.

M3online tops 100 this week!
Later this week, we will officially have more than 100 on-demand yoga classes available at M3online. That’s almost a full week of yoga classes (168 hours!)

We are continuing to record for M3online, releasing new classes every day. We’ve updated the website layout so the videos now are on pages instead of endlessly scrolling through to find the video you want. We also cleaned up the audio classes and playlists so you can easily find things.

Recording these classes and doing livestream M3live classes mean so much to me and our instructors; it is one of our main sources of connections right now as well and we cannot say enough how special it is to continue to connect with you live and on screen.

We hope having the 100+ on-demand classes has allowed you to fit yoga in no matter what your new normal is right now.

One thing to note: the M3online password will be changing weekly starting tomorrow. This prevents unauthorized access to our library of videos. Members and those with M3online access will receive the new password on Monday mornings.

If you haven’t taken an on-demand, check it out today. The are classes ranging from 12 minutes to 2 hours to fit your current yoga mood.

Virtual studio and pricing
For the time being, we’re a virtual yoga studio. And as a result, we’ve tweaked our pricing options for any new Warriors looking to join M3 and benefit from yoga during this challenging time. We’ve had several yogis reach out to see about joining, but weren’t sure how right now.

As a result, we’ve created a simpler virtual pricing offering. Our new Unlimited Monthly and Unlimited Weekly passes both give you access to M3live and M3online classes.

We also have kept the current M3online only membership. Current M3online only members can upgrade to the new options by emailing us.

Monthly memberships we had in March are still being processed at prorated rates of 8 days we did not have livestream classes (Which is why your latest auto renew is a weird amount less than normal).

After April 15, all those memberships will have been processed with those prorated amounts, and monthly membership rates will return to normal so that when/if we open the physical studio in May, you will be able to come and celebrate with us in person and take in-person classes without hassle and you’ll be able to enjoy M3live and M3online until then (and after then!)

If you have a membership already or a class pass, nothing will change for you unless you need it to. We ask for as much support as you can provide during this challenging time.

Also, as part of becoming a full virtual studio, we’ve made some website changes. You’ll notice a refreshed home page and other updated tweaks that highlight our virtual offerings.

A virtual hug & gratitude
We have been so, so humbled by your support. At this point for small businesses, it is beyond pride and about survival. One of the good things I have learned from this process is that I can be open and honest with my community. I don’t have to smile and say I’m fine. I can tell you that this is hard. For me, for you, for the future of our business.

I can also tell you that we are Warriors. I will fight for you and with you to promote healthy and stable bodies and minds so that when we all come out on the other end of this, we are stronger and more connected than ever.

To check-in with all of you and also to see your beautiful faces, we have scheduled another M3 Community Check-in Call for Saturday April 11th at 1:30pm. Join us if you can so we can all continue to connect with each other. The call is free for all. Just book the “class” in Mindbody or using our app.

My work over the past three weeks has been exhausting, emotionally taxing, very challenging but also extremely rewarding. Because I know you are on the other end of this. I know that we are fighting for a purpose. I know that our work does change lives. I believe in it. I believe in you.

Now is not the time to throw in the towel; now is the time we make a commitment to take care of ourselves. To keep practicing on so that we remain stable and strong, and so that after this is all over, we are strong enough to be there to pick up our pieces, and help our friends, family, and small businesses pick up theirs.

Warriors, thank you for everything you do. Consider this a giant virtual hug from me. Thank you for giving me purpose, and most of all thank you for taking good care of yourselves during this crisis. It is more important than ever.

Your commitment inspires me (and reminds me) to take care of myself too. Thank you M3 fam, reach out to us if you need ANYTHING. So much love from the M3 team.


P.S. It appears everyone is a chef all of the sudden. Fitness studios, hairdressers, chain department stores, freaking PetsMart, all sending out recipes. Well, little did I know that Nick’s Nutrition Corner would be so useful.

This has been around for awhile up on my Instagram but now I have decided to leave you with a recipe from the archives. Check out the wonderful recipes under my highlights on my Instagram page (@nursenickyoga) under “recipes”. Enjoy…

P.P.S. We wanted to celebrate the Warriors who have hit milestones practicing virtually! Way to go y’all!!!!!! This is so impressive.

25 classes
Neha R.
Aaron T.
Marissa P.
Savannah G.
Chrissy M.
Yohanna W.
Lacy W.
Kate B.

50 classes
Thao L.
Sam S.
Courtney F.
Amanda M.
Tori H.
Jill T.

100 classes
Julia B.
Mary Katherine B.
Nadine F.
Krista C.

150 classes
Jamie L.
Sarah B.

200 classes
Stephanie S.
Vickie P.

250 classes
Ruthie T.
Nanette R.

300 classes
Ami B.

350 classes
Becca S.