Man/New Yogi vs. Rocket Yoga

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This post was written by Ethan Monteguedo, one of our interns, after he took two Rocket Yoga classes with no prior yoga experience. 

As a member of M3Yoga’s Content Creation team my primary responsibility is to create content. Crazy I know. That being said if you’re good at what you do (I am) you are constantly looking for new ways to create juicy content to inform, persuade, or entertain, whatever your main goal may be.

When Nick (Co-owner and Founder of M3Yoga) asked me to meet with him I was excited and hopeful as I had been looking forward to bouncing new ideas off each other.

I had mentioned that I wanted to do some writing for the blog, but was unsure about what exactly I wanted to write about. Big mistake.

Nick looks at me with a little smirk on his face, “You said you wanted to do some writing right?” I said, “Yeah for sure,” clueless to what was coming next. He said, “What if you took some classes and wrote about your experience?” I was hesitant at first, but I liked the idea.

Nick takes it one step further, and said, “How about you take some Rocket Yoga?” Now that is a deliciously twisted idea, brilliant in fact. For those that don’t know Rocket Yoga is the more athletic stuff, at least for a noob like me. No candles, no incense, you’re working.

I figured the worst that could happen is I accidently fart while attempting to tie my body into a pretzel. Sure, it’d be embarrassing, but it’d make for a great story. Nonetheless I agree.

Day 1

I feel it’s necessary to make it clear from the beginning that my yoga experience prior to this “adventure” was zero. Although, for some reason I had convinced myself that because I could touch my toes I’d be fine. Ha.

Upon arrival I am greeted by Nick, then I grab a mat, and lay it down on the floor next to an instructor at M3, Jamie Diaz, who is taking the class too. Luckily, she is the sweetest human alive, reassuring me that she’ll be there for assistance if I run into any trouble. Nick gives a brief explanation of Rocket Yoga’s history, and then gets right down to business, guiding us into our first pose.

The beginning of Rocket II is fairly self explanatory. If you’re a newbie like me you just mirror the people around you and pray you don’t look too stupid.

As we move through the different progressions, I’m surprised at how much I’ve been able to do on my own thus far. Granted, I am dripping sweat like Lance Armstrong mid Tour De France, but I’m hanging in there.

Slowly, but surely we graduate into the more challenging poses. The ones that make you sit and stare and think, “I wonder how many vertebrae I’d lose sinking into that one?” Regardless, Nick is prepared, he offers blocks for assistance and demonstrates pose variations for those who are new to Rocket II, like me.

We then transition into “Rocket Abs,” which is essentially a core workout that has been uniquely integrated into the actual yoga progressions themselves. Yes, Rocket Abs did indeed kill me, although I was impressed with how much I was able to do without any prior yoga experience.  

Things begin to wind down, and we all take a “corpse pose” on the mat. I can honestly say that at that point in time my corpse pose was the best in the studio.

“Nobody was better at lying lifeless and sweaty on their mat than me.”

We wrap up the class with a few silent minutes of meditation, which I must say I really enjoyed.

Nick turns on the lights, and I open my eyes. I was down about a gallon of fluids, but I had survived not only my first yoga class, but my first Rocket Yoga class.

Day 2

Coming in for my second Rocket II class I knew that my unique ability to touch my toes would be of no use to me.

My main focus was to utilizes the blocks to help assist me into pose variations. That way if the main pose was something that pushed me, I could take a different pose and still activate similar muscle groups.

Nick was out of the studio that day and lucky for me Jamie Diaz was his substitute instructor. She was next to me for my first Rocket adventure so I felt comfortable knowing that she was familiar with my lack of experience and would be there to help if I were to accidentally sink too far into a split.

I worked through the different progressions sweating more than I had before, which is saying something. Regardless, I made it to the end excitedly awaiting to strike my signature corpse pose.

Once again the lights came on, and I had survived yet another Rocket II class as a complete yoga novice.


When Nick first challenged me with this idea, it made me kind of uncomfortable. Yet, once I finally got in the studio all my worries seemed insignificant when I realized how welcoming an environment M3 truly is.

Obviously, Rocket Yoga doesn’t have to be your first yoga class (in fact, M3 has a great Yoga Fundamentals class you can start with), but hopefully my story demonstrates that it’s not only possible, but a lot less intimidating than it may seem at first. If you’re hesitant about trying yoga, or maybe even a more difficult class, I encourage you to seek out M3 as Nick and the rest of the instructors are there to guide you through any insecurities you may have.

I think too often I find myself always doing whatever makes me most comfortable, being very careful to avoid those things that may make me look stupid.   

My experience made it clear that whether it be yoga or something entirely different, putting yourself in uncomfortable situations can sometimes be extremely valuable.

My hope is that this anecdote not only makes you laugh, but encourages you to run towards uncertainty as you might be surprised by what you find.

Ready to try a Rocket class? Click here.