March 19 Letter from Nick

Letter from Nick – March 19

First, I want to thank each person who has reached out to Matt and I and offered their support and encouragement. You have brought us to tears several times and have absolutely given us the vigor to show up when we weren’t sure if we could. It feels like weeks have passed, though it has only been days; those moments you have taken the time to reach out have been invaluable.

Second, I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. We want nothing more than healthy, strong Warriors.

Third, I know this message is long, but please read it all. These updates are very important.

I know how trying and hard the past week has been on us, and I imagine you have felt somewhat the same. Having built a business on community and connection and then having had the ways we know how to connect with each other change so drastically in a manner of days has, well, left a hole in me.

It is so incredibly apparent how much just saying, “Hello” and “Have a great class” (or screaming at you in Power Flow to get through the peak sequence just one more time) fills me up energetically. How interacting with our amazing staff and laughing with them, and with you at the front desk gives me a reason to show up and be my best every day. When we temporarily closed to public classes I felt an immediate sense of obligation to jump into high gear make sure that our members still had a bit of connection to us, and to their practice. In turn, this made me feel reconnected with all of you.

By the end of the week we will have filmed nearly 50 classes, all with editing and professional sound and lighting (cause you know when Matt and I launch something, we don’t eff around). Do we have amazing classes, with amazing instructors and lots of random LaCroix references buried in the classes? Yes. But ultimately what has been the most rewarding thing about this, has been seeing the emails, pictures, social media posts and letters of you all sharing your practices with us. Of you all STILL BEING WARRIORS during this unprecedented time.

There have been several times in the past few days when I have dreamt of running away, of throwing my hands up and saying, “I don’t know how we can do this.” But you are the reason we are here. This community, the connections we have made, the sweat we have shed, the tears we have let fall onto our mat, the laughs we have shared. We cannot give up. We call our community WARRIORS. And you have proven over the last several days that that is EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE. Warriors of yoga, warriors of life. Whether practicing in our studio or in your house.

While walking my dogs last night I thought of our core values: community, playfulness, intelligent movement, inclusivity, and innovation/improvement. The last one struck a chord in me. This is innovation. Now is not the time to throw our hands up and say we can’t.

Now is the time we innovate. We find new ways to deliver intelligent and inclusive yoga, to foster community, to be playful with you and each other (check out my and Katie’s Tag Team Flow as an example). Now is the time we show this shitshow happening around us what M3 WARRIORS can do. And now is not the time for you to throw your hands up either. To say “I can’t do yoga.” It’s the time for you to innovate in how, when and where you practice. We are Warriors. We adapt and we grow.

So, here are some important updates.

M3online Memberships

Our M3online portal is free for all monthly and prepaid annual/semester members.

For those of you who are not members—the countless people who have moved, had your lives abruptly go online, are on intros or class passes and have asked for access to our online content—we have developed an M3online only membership subscription option for $22/month per household.

This gives you unlimited access to our class library that grows every day. This monthly membership rate also helps M3Yoga stay in business and supports us paying the teachers who are filming for you.

By the end of the week, we will have more than 50 video classes in the portal along with audio classes and M3 instructor recommended playlists to go with your home practices. And we’re committing to adding more all the time.

To purchase the M3online membership, use the M3Yoga app (memberships tab), click here or click here. Once you purchase it, you’ll receive an automated email with the current password (which will be changing regularly). Members, if you haven’t received the password from us yet, hit reply and we’ll send it your way. 

Our studio has always been built on convenience and variety, and M3online is the digital embodiment of those pillars.

M3live Virtual Classes

Starting March 23, we are launching M3live, daily livestreamed classes that you will be able to login to Mindbody and the M3Yoga app using your existing passes and take class with our favorite M3 instructors. Look for a follow up email later this week with details in how to do this.

These classes will be livestreamed a few times a day so you can get your yoga in with a teacher guiding you live. It helps you be accountable and consciously set aside time to take class and get in yoga. It’ll be simple and easy to use with a simple click getting you on your mat with us.

M3live will include a variety of classes and instructors. It’s yet another way we can connect with you. A way that, honestly, is as close as we can get to being with you in the same room for now. This is a way to innovate. And on the bright side, it allows us to put 100 people in a class now. No more waitlist? 😂😂

Please let us know times you’d like to see live virtual classes taught, as we know many people’s schedules and lives have changed drastically in the past several weeks. We’ve got a super short survey here to help us best serve you via livestreamed classes.

M3live Community Check-ins

We are also going to be doing weekly M3live community check-ins, where you can sign into Mindbody and be looped into a virtual call so we can check-in and see your shining faces and hear each other’s voices and continue to foster a sense of community that we all desperately need to continue to cultivate right now.

These are not yoga classes but rather a way to share our struggles and also our triumphs. You can ask questions, vent, laugh, share yoga success stories and ultimately, connect with us and each other. Think of it as an M3 potluck without the food in your own house 😉

We also will be doing Instagram and Facebook live videos many times a week so we can check-in with you all. These are difficult times for us all and we want to be a pillar you can lean on, even while separated.

The one we did on Instagram a few nights ago ended up to be a conversation about RuPaul’s Drag Race and Britney Spears (can you guess who hosted it? 🙃)

Membership Update

When we first temporarily closed, we planned on pausing memberships for the duration of our physical space being closed. In the past few days we’ve come to realize that we’re uncertain when we will re-open for in person classes and that our original March 28 date is probably not realistic.

So starting March 23, when M3live launches, any membership, intro offer or class pass you have will be reactivated. Monthly members, expect a more detailed email on what this means, but essentially we will be crediting you for the 8 days we were not offering live classes with instructors. If you are on a class pass, semester, annual or intro we will add those days to your current pass so you also get credit for our period without live classes.

A revised FAQ is here. We encourage all Warriors to read it and let us know any questions you have. Those of you whose memberships usually autorenew between the 15th and the 23rd will renew on March 23 (with the 8 day credit decreasing your amount).

We do this in conjunction with launching M3live along with continuing to support our content on M3online. This decision also allows us to financially stay afloat and ensure that M3 is there for you on the other side of this. To be 100% honest, if we do not take this step, we could not guarantee that M3Yoga would re-open as the university’s shift to online classes and economic impact of closing will affect M3 long after in-person classes resume.

We fully understand that some of you may be hurting emotionally, mentally, physically but also financially like we are. And for those of you who are, please know we are sending you nothing but love and support. We are here for you. Always.

I am personally asking that if you can hang in there with us, please do. Don’t cancel or pause if you can afford not to. It feels very uncomfortable and vulnerable to nakedly ask that, but I want to ensure there is an M3Yoga in Athens in the future. 

If you do need to pause or cancel, please note we are following our standard procedures and policies for processing those.

I commit to you that our entire team is doing everything in our power to develop our community virtually. We are working our asses off to bring you value virtually while we are physically apart.

We rely on your support and want to be able to survive and be up and running for you after this temporary shift in our lives changes back. Thank you for understanding and helping keep our community sustainable.

Love & Final Thoughts

We are planning on launching a hybrid physical-virtual studio as soon as it is safe to gather. With the continued restrictions and precautions being put into place, including more that will probably come from the ACC meeting tonight, this will realistically be sometime at the beginning or middle of April.

Once we do re-open, we will offer several M3live classes as well as in person classes each day, with restrictions on class sizes and continued cleaning procedures for the in person classes to ensure we all stay safe and ease back into public gathering.

We also will continue recording multiple classes for M3online daily so that you can take yoga classes with us, even if you can’t make the M3live sessions.

When I made the decision to temporarily close to the public, it was out of deep concern for my community of students and teachers. We were one of the first studios (and large businesses) in Athens to close. It was terrifying and incredibly lonely at first, but it was right. And we will always be proud that we put our people before business.

I am going to continue to make decisions with you in mind. The M3 community. The Warriors who have over and over again, given me a reason to show up and fight. The people who have taught me way more than I could ever teach you. I love each and every one of you. Thank you.

Look for more emails coming soon about M3live and our further plans to launch in person classes at the studio again when that date gets closer.

Please, please reach out with any questions or concerns. I am just a click or DM away. Both Matt and I are available to chat. 

Take care Warriors and from the bottom of my and Matt’s heart, thank you.