M3 is leaving Mindbody as a booking system and transitioning to MarianaTek. We are also making some studio policy changes. Here are some common questions about the upcoming changes. If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and ask!

Read Nick and Matt’s original message about MarianaTek here.

What’s MarianaTek?
MarianaTek is a yoga and fitness studio booking platform. It allows you to book classes, purchase memberships and passes at M3, and manage your account. It’s similar to Mindbody, which we currently use, but has a lot of extra features and ease of use to make your experience with our studio even better.  

When are you switching?
We transition on Wednesday, May 15. That means after May 14 at 11:59pm, you will not be able to use your current Mindbody or M3 account to access our studio. Our website and app will be down most of May 15. Once we’re live in MarianaTek, you’ll receive an email letting you know and a prompt to log into the new account with all your old data. 

Why are you switching?
One of our core values is innovation and improvement, so we’re always looking to make things better for our members. Over time Mindbody’s system has become antiquated and caused frustration with students, particularly around how to bring guests or update your payment methods. MarianaTek is a modern platform designed specifically for studios like ours (Mindbody is an old shopping platform they shoehorned into the wellness space). That means MarianaTek has a lot of what a modern studio and students need and expect. 

What does this affect?
This change will affect the system you use to book and cancel classes and manage your M3 account. That means our schedule and pricing website pages and app will update and look different. There also will be a brand new account page on our website you can use to manage your account any time. 

Will my membership change?
Nope! All your stuff will transition over and we’re keeping all current memberships the same. We are launching new memberships with MarianaTek, so if you haven’t joined M3 yet, now is the perfect time to get the current memberships. 

How do I book classes now?
You can use our website or our new M3 Yoga app. For a tutorial on how to book using the app, watch this video from MarianaTek.

How do I bring a guest?
To bring a guest after May 15, you’ll go to book the class like normal. Then select Guest under reserve for. You’ll be prompted to enter your guest’s email. After you click Complete Guest Reservation, the guest’s spot will be saved in class. To review MarianaTek’s detailed instructions on how to bring a guest, click here. 

Can I still use M3Yoga.com to book classes?
Yep! The schedule and pricing pages will look a little different after May 15, but you’ll be able to use your MarianaTek to book classes that way. 

Can I use the Mindbody app to book classes?
No, you won’t be able to use Mindbody to book classes at M3 after May 14. 

Can I use the M3 Yoga app to book classes?
You won’t be able to use the current M3 Yoga app to book classes after May 14. You’ll receive an email with a link to the new M3 app (which will have our new logo to make it easy to know the difference). You’ll use that new M3 app to book and cancel classes after May 15. 

How do I update my credit card?
To update your card on file, just log into your MarianaTek account after May 15 and you can change it at any time. Unlike Mindbody, when you update your card on your own, it will update the card on our system!

What happens to my data with Mindbody?
Mindbody will remove all student and studio data once we’ve transitioned fully over. 

Will I lose my class milestones?
Nope! All your attendance will transfer over. You’ll even now be able to see your class total right in the brand new M3 Yoga app to help keep you motivated to reach for your next milestone.

Are there other changes happening?
Yes, we’re also updating our memberships, guest passes, late cancellation windows and more. 

With this switch, we’re adding new membership options: Teal, Gold and Silver. These memberships will be for Warriors who join after May 15 or current members who decide to upgrade. We’re also making it more flexible so any future Community Warriors or Student can get their $10 discount on either of the three new memberships. 

For current members, your rate will stay the same as long as you keep your membership active. Your Guest Week Passes will now become Guest Passes. And you will keep the same 7 day registration window and membership discounts.  Current members can upgrade to a Teal membership with a special rate of $128; contact us if you’re interested. Teal membership includes unlimited classes, unlimited towels, 3 Guest Passes per month, 1 time fee forgiveness, and a 21 day booking window to sign up for classes.

Guest Passes
Starting May 16, we will no longer be offering Guest Week Passes (7 days free) as a member perk. All memberships will now have Guest Passes (1 single class) only. This is to help prioritize class spots for our monthly members. For example, if your membership included two Guest Week Passes before, you will be granted two Guest Passes per month.

Cancellation Window & Fees
Our late cancellation window will now be 4 hours before class time and late cancel fees will be processed automatically when you go to cancel. No Show fees will be charged 12 hours after the class you missed ends. For Atlanta, fees will be charged for full classes only. Our waitlist also will add you into class up to two hours before class time. 

Towel and mat rentals
When you book a class in MarianaTek, you’ll be given the option to pre-select and prepay for a mat or mat towel rental (both of which are $3 to rent). This will help you be ready to go from the moment you walk in the door. 

We’re also launching two new membership add ons: Towel Membership Add On and Mat Membership Add On. If you want to always be able to use a mat towel for class, the Towel Membership Add On will let you pay $10 a month for unlimited access to our Manduka mat towels. The Mat & Towel Membership Add On offers unlimited mat and towel rentals for just $18 a month. 

Mats will remain free for walkers and bikers. 

I have another questions or need help.
We’re here to help! For the quickest answers, email us at team@m3yoga.com. You also can ask in studio, but our team also is learning the new system too, so they may not have all the answers right away while we all adapt.