Meet Our New Hatha/Alignment Class

m3yoga class

This empowering alignment-based hatha yoga class focuses on engagement, strong alignment and may have longer holds in poses to recruit activation of muscle groups and challenge you in new ways. This accessible class will focus less on the choreography of vinyasa yoga (less chaturanga) and more pose oriented progressions. Class may be a full-spectrum of poses for overall body stretching and strengthening or targeted focus pose work. Leave feeling strong, knowledgeable and aligned.

LEVEL (1, 1-2, All, 2, 3): All Levels
HEAT: Unheated – Room Temp
PACE: Slow to Moderate
STYLE: Alignment/Hatha

New class, who dis? We’re really excited to be launching our Hatha/Alignment classes this month. Hatha is a type of yoga that is the balance of energies, duality, challenge and accessibility. This new class will incorporate more muscle engagement, alignment and action-oriented cueing. This class will be challenging, but in a way that ultimately engages you with your body in really amazing, stable and intelligent ways without the need to worry about keeping the pace of a vinyasa flow class with a lot of chaturangas and down dogs.

Our Super Stretch class that so many people love is actually a targeted hatha class; we just called it something different to portray what we do in it, which is stretch. So this class will feel fairly familiar to anyone who’s taken and loved Super Stretch.

One of our tenants at M3Yoga is intelligent movement. We challenge the status quo and ask ourselves, “Is this ultimately the best way to move our bodies”? Hatha/Alignment empowers us to move our bodies in a great way. The class may have vinyasa-like moments in a warm up, but ultimately will be less concerned with linking movement together like in our vinyasa flow classes (one of the reasons I love vinyasa so much). Instead, Hatha/Alignment helps engage and stabilize joints in poses in ways that promote healthy, intelligent activation and alignment (one of the reasons I love teaching alignment yoga).

Hatha/Alignment classes may consist of warm-ups, standing poses, backbends, core work, twists, forward folds, even some inversions and pranayama. But these will be taught without the need to move quickly to the next pose or linking your breath to movement, so you can achieve the ultimate version in the pose for your body. The goal is to help you find a solid form so you can then adapt that knowledge in our other classes. Some classes may be more “skills and drills” oriented where you workshop different actions of poses and put them together like lego pieces.

What is amazing about this style of yoga is that it is strong, stable, smart and ultimately accessible. So many things that we are about at M3. We want to continue to offer the best (and well-thought out) yoga in Athens. This is another way to do that.

Part of the inspiration for adding this class is personal. As some of you know, both myself and Phelan have been training every other month in Charlottesville with my teachers Noah Maze and Peach Friedman—some pretty badass world-renowned yogis (just google Noah). We actually both decided to not only finish this training 300hr training with them, but then to pursue a certification with Noah in The Maze Method. Think of it like yoga graduate school. This will take about another year or more study and some pretty rigorous coursework. But in my opinion, Noah’s teaching is the most in line with M3’s core values than I have seen.

His alignment-based teaching and polished vinyasa that both him and his teachers teach is really unparalleled, in my opinion. And I want to bring some of that back to Athens, to our teachers here at M3, and ultimately to our students. I see Hatha/Alignment as well as the additional training as a way to further help our M3 Warriors and advance our offerings for our community.

I am super excited to share with you all the techniques I continue to learn in my advanced certification journey and pull from the nursing knowledge I have to adapt yoga asana in a way that makes it exciting, modern and balances challenge with accessibility. Also, it’s M3, so you pretty much know any class we do will be a lot of fun. See you on the mat!

-Nick, M3 Founder