New Schedule, M360’s Evolution & Other Nick Tangents

I love this time of year. Moving into the new year there is so much energy around, especially in a yoga studio. It is so exciting to see people commit to themselves or recommit to something, or to just ride the wave of possibility that comes with January.

We make tweaks to our schedule a few times every year, January being one of them and I couldn’t be more excited for what we have in store. After our Member’s Appreciation Week we heard overwhelmingly from our students that they needed Hot Rocket and HIIT Flow on the schedule. So I started working on that among other things on the schedule. You can imagine how much work goes into creating a balance of variety of class to a large population with 58 classes and 19 teachers. 

This kind of schedule usually takes me about a month and I put a ton of thought working at it, and reworking it, and then editing the reworking of it. Our population is unique in that we have so many different types of practitioners that enjoy different styles so we have to make sure we cater to them all. It is like an awesome yoga puzzle.

One of the changes people might notice is that M360 Flow is not on the schedule. This was a hard decision for me. I came up with this class structure several years ago, not too long after we opened. I spent a lot of time training people to teach it and getting students to believe in it. I came up with this structure to show that we were a modern studio that paid attention to different ways of moving people’s bodies and to have certain components I love about this practice incorporated into every class (anatomy, philosophy, pranayama).

M360 felt like my baby for a while, that I cultivated more and more. But then something shifted and we became known as the studio who moved people’s bodies through modern approaches. We had lead teachers who could teach these classes easily, and helped bring these principles into classes and mentor our other teachers to teach this way. It wasn’t just M360 that had all of M3’s amazing values in it, it was all of our classes.

So it started to feel redundant to train teachers to teach a specific vinyasa style class, when really I wanted these elements represented throughout the whole studio. And I believe they are. It is unbelievable to see our community of teachers rise up to the challenge I place on them, to critically think about their teaching and ask themselves the big “why” questions. We have seen over and over again how “because we have always done it this way” does more harm than good, and I don’t ever want to be that teacher or that studio. 

So we switched M360 to simply Flow on the schedule. Hanging onto a name just because I created the structure didn’t seem like the right thing to do. I can just take ownership that I teach my vinyasa class in this way and don’t need a certain name to define it. That our studio takes a more modern approach to movement and translates it in classes, and that is great. We don’t have to give it guidelines and definition. It can be just the awesomeness that is M3. Plus not having an obscure name creates less barrier to entry for people, and also allows for other teachers to interpret our values in their unique ways. Don’t worry, my Flow class will be taught in the style of M360 still (talking to you Monday morning), so not much has changed except a name in a class slot.

I did start thinking about some of the drills that we incorporate into M360 and other classes, and when everyone loved Hot HIIT Flow during MAW I thought this might be a great opportunity to create a container for those types of drills within a class structure (I love creating me some class structures). So we did it, renaming Hot HIIT to Warrior Workout after myself, Katie and Rachel spent a lot of time piecing out different components of it. We had a lot of fun, especially with Rachel’s Crossfit background, Katie’s Yogafit, and my mobility and anatomy work. All three of us are even pending Tabata certification which is also a lot of fun (Chloe and Lauren are coming too!). We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for you.

Hot Rocket is going to be so much fun. If these classes take off like I expect them to, we may put up full 75 – 90 minute Rockets up that are heated as well.

We also decided to call everything “Rocket Yoga” for simplicity. All our 60 minute Rockets are still Bottle Rockets, and our 75 minute Rockets are Rocket 1, 2 and 3 corresponding on the day of week they land on.

I am also so so so excited we added a scheduled Sound Bath on the schedule. We also added more Super Stretch and Warm Super Stretch (a consistent favorite and also one of the best classes for new yogis). More Slow Flow (even one in the big studio so our friends always waitlisted in the Tree Room studio can have easy access).

Something I am also super excited about is continuing to expand our Hatha offerings. We added more of it on the new schedule. It really is the most approachable yoga class. It is strong and will make you work, but differently than vinyasa. It allows for a more attainable pace and allows for less weight bearing on the wrists, which are often a problem for people. 

All these great improvements to the schedule, just in time for all the wonderful energy in the air that is January. I hope we continue to evolve as teachers, as business owners, as a studio and as a community. Many of you have practiced with me before there was M3, many of you remember cramming 20 people in The Tree Room studio for a Rocket 3 practice and wondering, “How is this arm balance thing going to work?”. Many of you may remember classes on our schedule like “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and “Yoga for a Healthy Mind” (isn’t it all, though? What was I thinking?). 

Some of you took the first M360, some of you we have been through so much history together, and some of you are just beginning to build that history with us. Some of you we have held space for while you have gone through scary and trying times, some of you have been there when I have as well. We have celebrated our weddings (and divorces), babies, graduations, teacher trainings, etc. together. The reason I love this community so much is that we evolve and grow together. This is the best place to teach and practice yoga because we aren’t afraid to change together. We aren’t afraid to get uncomfortable together. 

It is so so hard to find community these days. In trying so hard to develop a community for you all in M3, you in turn and unexpectedly gave me one. Thank you. That is what life is all about. Moving forward with people you love surrounding you. Thank you all for being some of those people to me. Happy New Year. Here is to 2020!!