New Yogi Tips


Welcome to the M3Yoga community! Even if you’re not a member yet, you’re part of our community. We are dedicated to yoga for EVERY body.  

We remember being a little intimidated the first time we visited a new yoga studio, so here are some tips to help you feel more at home as your start your practice.

• Arrive a few minutes early before every class. If you signed up online or using the Mindbody app, you’ll use the iPad on the front desk to check yourself in. If you didn’t, give your name to the front desk staff so he/she can check you in.

• Take off your shoes and place them in the rack, then store your belongings in or on top of the lockers before class.

• Be sure and tell the teacher if you have any health issues or injuries so they give suggestions on how to do the poses in a safe and healthy way for you.

• Turn off cell phones or put them on silent to avoid disruptions. If you are expecting an emergency call during your class, we recommend keeping your phone next to your mat on silent.

• Our studio provides everything you need to practice, including mats, for free. If you’d like your own mat, we sell some that we highly recommend. Twenty percent of the proceeds from our mat sales go to M3Yoga scholarships for those who cannot afford monthly memberships.

• Do not enter or leave the classroom during meditation or savasana unless it’s an emergency.

• To honor those with sensitivities please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne.

• Children 10 and older are welcome to take all our classes if they are able to stay focused and respectful of the quiet environment.

• We encourage you to bring your own water bottles for sustainability, but if not we have cups next to the cooler. Feel free to grab some water or tea as you wait for class to start or after class ends. We also sell M3Yoga water bottles if you’d like to rep our community.

• Consider staying after your first class for a few minutes to tell the instructor what you thought. We take pride in knowing each one of our students so we can recommend the best combination of class types (we have the largest variety in Athens) and ensure we are doing our part to provide the best possible experience. Just because one class or instructor isn’t for you, doesn’t mean yoga isn’t your thing!! We encourage you try at least three classes/instructors before deciding whether you’d like to continue your yoga practice.

• Our class schedules shift slightly at the start of each month, but any class cancellations or major changes will be announced ahead of time.

• We encourage you to bring friends or family to try the studio! We have a “drop in” rate, which means no membership or signing up is required. We are open 7 days a week with 42+ classes to choose from. Each class can be modified to all skill levels.

• Occasionally we offer workshops, which are one time classes for which registration is required. Class passes not valid for workshops. These are typically in-depth classes that focus on a specific area.

• When you are first learning the poses, it’s ok to glance around the room to see what everyone else is doing, but look to the instructor for your primary instruction. Also, listen for his/her verbal cues that will guide you how to do the poses. If you’ve consented, our instructors also can help provide adjustments to get you into the pose properly.

• Ask questions. Give feedback. We always want to hear from our students. If  you don’t understand something, ask! If it’s about yoga culture or etiquette, more experienced students are almost always happy to share their expertise. Our instructors also are amazing resources, with thousands of hours of experience. We also always welcome feedback or suggestions at M3Yoga. You can provide those in person or email them to Your voice matters here, always.

• THERE IS NO PERFECT IN YOGA. Try to enjoy the time you’ve set aside for yourself rather than focusing on getting a pose exactly “right.” Our studio contains students of all skill levels and backgrounds; your yoga practice is already perfect just the way it is.

Yoga instructor offering hands-on adjustment to class
Yoga class back angle
Yoga class using props
Therapeutic yoga class with strap
Yoga twist in class