Welcome to M3Yoga!!

We're so excited you're here!! Newcomers get an exclusive 2 Weeks Unlimited for just $30!

Welcome to M3Yoga!!

We're so excited you're here!! Newcomers get an exclusive 2 Weeks Unlimited for just $30!

Newcomer Special

2 Weeks Unlimited for $30

– Unlimited in-person yoga & Pilates classes
– Unlimited outdoor classes
* Special only valid for newcomers

What Our Warriors Say

Benefits of Yoga & Pilates

⭐️ Increased Strength
⭐️ More Flexibility
⭐️ Strong Community Connection
⭐️ Reduced Stress & Anxiety
⭐️ Fewer Aches & Pains
⭐️ Improved Confidence
⭐️ Brighter Mood & Outlook


Whether you’re a 75-year-old grandmother wanting to stay flexible or an 18-year-old athlete looking to improve your fitness, our studio is right for you. We offer a huge variety of classes and teachers. We truly have a class for EVERY body.

Our community is diverse in backgrounds and skill levels. And we pride ourselves in offering the best modern, accessible yoga in Northeast Georgia.

  1. Grab your Newcomer Special at the top or bottom of this page.
  2. Sign up for your first class.
  3. Show up with a water bottle and smile! We have everything else you’ll need!

The easiest way to sign up for class is by using the M3 Yoga app.Download the M3 app for Apple/iPhone or Android/Google.

A mat, water bottle and a great attitude! For longer or hot classes, you may want to bring a face towel or mat towel.

For new students, we recommend arriving 15 minutes early to meet the instructor and get settled in. After your first class, we suggest you arrive at least 5 minutes ahead of the start time.

We ask all Warriors to also be in studio AND ready to practice at class time. Which means if your class is at 5:30pm, we ask you be in the practice space ready to start at that time.

Our instructors lock the door five minutes after the start of most classes Some classes, such as Restorative and Candlelight Yin, are locked at class time.

In Athens: Our studio is located in the heart of 5 Points at 1260 S. Milledge Ave. Suite E Athens, GA 30605. The 2,100 square-foot facility is on the backside of the Milledge Terrace Building next to Hodgson’s Pharmacy and Fitness @ Five.

In Atlanta: Our studio is located in the Candler Park Connection at 1530 DeKalb Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30307. We’re located on the right side of the building.

• Upon arrival, you’ll sign in at the front desk and then your teacher will show you around.

• Be sure and tell the instructor if you have any health issues or injuries so they give suggestions on how to do the poses in a safe and healthy way for you.

• Turn off cell phones or put them on silent to avoid disruptions. If you are expecting an emergency call during your class, we recommend keeping your phone next to your mat on silent.

In Athens: Parking is free in the rear of the Hodgson Terrace Building. We share a building with many other local businesses, so it can be crowded at times. There’s plenty of nearby on street parking and nearby parking lots as well.

In Atlanta: Parking is free and plentiful. Please park in the lot behind the building or across the street if possible. We also encourage bike riding, walking, ride sharing, or using Marta (we’re just a block away). Using alternative transportation will get you a free mat rental for class.

Almost no one comes to yoga naturally flexible! Many of the people you see doing the advanced poses have been practicing yoga for years. Just like anything, you get better the more often you do it; flexible poses are no different.

We recommend you consult with your doctor before starting anything, but at M3Yoga, we firmly believe that there is a type of yoga for EVERY body. That’s why we offer different types of yoga classes and teach our instructors how to offer pose modifications based on skill levels. We have students of all body types, shapes and sizes in our classes.

Yes! M3Yoga’s founder Nick Combs actually battles his own degenerative disc disease. We have classes that are designed for those who need to take it a little slower and want to focus on the amazing healing aspects of yoga. Whether an injured young athlete or a 65-year-old dealing with chronic diseases, we believe there’s a yoga that can help you and your body.

That’s totally normal. Doing anything new is bound to be a little bit scary at first. We see lots of brand new people every day. Our yoga studio is super friendly and we will walk you through everything you need to know when you arrive.
Our studio is geared toward making yoga accessible, even to those who have little experience! In fact, our co-owner Matt had almost no yoga experience before partnering with Nick to open the studio.

A lot of our Super Stretch or Hatha classes are great for beginners or those who haven’t practiced in a while.

If you’d like a class recommendation or a custom yoga plan, email us. 

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