M3 Moves in Early Fall 2022

Big News

The big secret reveal is RIGHT NOW!!!! 👏 M3Yoga 👏 is 👏 moving!!!!!! 👏 🥳🎉

That’s right! We’re moving to a dedicated building in The Mill District right off Tracy Street in Boulevard in early fall. A brand new high tech, ground up building customized just for all of us!

This new 3,300 square foot space is being custom built from the ground up for M3! You’ll get the best experience possible in an innovative, brand new building! And the best part is it’s just a short walk from where we are now (in fact, you can actually see the new building from our current studios).

Every thing in the new building will be custom to M3 and our needs. That means two practice spaces (one heated, one not) that are about the same size as our current ones. We’ll have two dedicated bathrooms and showers as well as one dedicated lobby in between the two studios. This new building will be M3’s longterm home, completely molded to our community’s needs.

Our goal is to open the new studio in early fall semester, and our team is already working hard on the space!

Check out the New Studio Questions section below for more detailed info. And be sure to keep an eye on your inbox and our social media this summer as we share more info and race toward moving into our new home.

Trust us, you’re going to love what we have coming for you. 💙

Love, Nick, Matt & the entire M3 Team

New Studio Questions

Where is the new studio? 
The new studio will be located at 175 Tracy Street in Building D of The Mill District in Boulevard. This is right across the street from the Chase Park Warehouses, so less than a 90 second walk from our current studios.

When is M3 moving? 
Our plan is to move in early fall. Ideally by our 5th birthday, August 12, but we also understand that we want to get this exactly right and that may take a little more time. We will give you plenty of heads up for our move so that it’s a seamless experience.

Will you offer the same classes? 
Yes! We’ll continue to offer both heated and unheated class, yoga, Inferno Pilates & Inferno Strength just in one dedicated space instead of two! The building will be customized with a Moon and Sun Studio that will hold the classes we have currently.

What is the layout of the new building?
The two studios will be separated by the lobby and won’t have a shared wall any longer. This will significantly reduce any noise disturbances from other classes that occur concurrently. The building is also solely dedicated to M3 so no neighborly disturbances either!

There will be one dedicated lobby; we are thrilled to have our Moon Studio and Sun Studio crowds get to interact before and after classes and have a more connected community experience. There will be all kinds of surprising design features, but the studio will have two bathrooms, two showers, a shower room (to use so showering/changing won’t take up a bathroom). The studio is ADA accessible, will have two entrances into the lobby and tons of gorgeous natural lighting. Everything else we are keeping secret. 😉

What about parking? 
The Mill District will have several parking lots for our Warriors to use. Tracy Street also will be lined with parking spots and our building will have its own small dedicated lot to use as well. You can also continue to use the gravel lot along the warehouses, so ample parking. But word on the street is we are going to introduce “M3 Ambassadors” that will have priority parking. Stay tuned.

What will happen with the current studios? 
After we move to the new building, we will vacate the studios. We don’t know what the new owners will do with the spaces. The buildings were purchased last year, and we are unsure the direction the new owner will take them.

What’s in The Mill District? 
A mixed use community with homes, retail and a cool kiosk community to support small, local businesses like pop up restaurants. It’s connected to the Boulevard neighborhood via Tracy Street and Barber Street.

Can I see the new building?
Yes! It’s already up with windows in and work started on the interior. You can drive down Tracy Street before or after classes to check out the progress as we go along.

How do I get updates?
Stay subscribed to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We’ll be posting updates, behind the scenes and sneak peeks all throughout the buildout.

What can you tell me about the space?
Well, we are keeping all the bells and whistles under wraps but our architects and contractor have done an incredible job designing and collaborating. What we can tell you:
• The studio will be outfitted with most up-to-date technology, sound and lighting
• Some words used for inspiration for the overall aesthetic are industrial modern, clean, grounded luxury, bright, bold
• This will become the biggest boutique yoga and strength building in Georgia
• The Moon and Sun Studio’s have unique design features (lighting, decor, accents, murals) that bring the character of the classes that each holds to life and complement your practice
• We are already designing the brand new murals!
• It will still feel like your beloved M3 home, always

We will be using this move as an opportunity to rebrand the M3Yoga logo. We have wanted to remove the Om symbol from it for some time now and will be using this move as an opportunity to rebrand some. Nothing about the studio itself will change, but we feel to reduce the amount of cultural appropriation or harm we cause, removing the Om from our logo is long overdue. (Pstt that means now is the time to get some M3 apparel with our current logo on it, because pretty soon it will be vintage!)

Thank you to each of our Warriors. You have been along with us on ride after ride and continue to stand by our values as a business. One of our 5 business pillars is innovation/improvement, and this studio will signify that in so many ways. Standing in that value means we don’t rest on our laurels, we improve our classes, offerings and physical spaces for YOU.

Know that you will always be offered the best and most innovative at M3. We are here for it, GET READY!!!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉