New Studio Space

A Message From Nick

Many of our Warriors know that pre-COVID, Matt and I were working hard to find a bigger second studio space we could move into. Literally before March, we were in talks with several development companies because you know the waitlists in January and February were looong.

Well, an amazing opportunity fell into our laps, and we are happy to announce that we’ve found a new space: right next to the main studio!

We’ve secured the space at 149 Oneta St. Suite 6E1 (literally right next door from our main studio in Suite 6E2).

This new space is bigger than our current main studio, and nearly six times the size of the Tree Room studio. A bigger space means a safer space for M3 Warriors. It also means we’re able to provide enough space so that all Warriors can take classes with social distancing and our other safety measures.

We will be offering classes in this new space (as well as our main studio) as soon as early next month. Our team is working hard on making the space look great for you.

While this is an exciting time for our community, and we are gambling on the future, when we signed the lease for this new space two months ago, our membership levels were significantly higher than they are now. We were actually in a more stable position when we were closed for in-person classes.

So we go into this new chapter with a dose of fear, counting on continued support from our community to stay sustainable.

We know that a larger space means a safer space, more classes on the schedule, less waitlists and long term many many other exciting plans we have for M3. So we are going for it.

We don’t know how long we’ll have this challenge of a pandemic, but we have to look forward to the time when we can all come together in larger classes again and are adjusting the best we can right now (more outdoor classes than ever, livestreams, 400 recorded classes, in studio safety measures, and coming at ya next month doubling up our evening classes in our new 5,000 square foot M3 wellness facility!!)

This new, larger studio will allow us to serve more Warriors and run multiple classes simultaneously again to increase your options, particularly for evening classes.

The new space will also bring about M3 2.0, which will include new class offerings, returning classes (M360 and Restorative anyone?), more livestreams, and so much more.

We have many more details to share about M3 2.0 soon, but wanted to go ahead and share the studio space news with you first as work begins on it to thank you for your support as a Warrior.

Keep an eye on your inbox and our social media this month as we share more info.

Can’t wait to keep sharing this journey with you, Athens. 💙

Love, Nick

New Studio Specials

$20 off/mo. for all unlimited memberships!