Open House Free Yoga & Pilates

Saturday, August 20 & Sunday, August 21

Come enjoy some amazing free yoga and Pilates classes all weekend long to celebrate our Fall Open House! Whether you’ve been on the mat with us or not, this is a great way to move and connect to our welcoming community.


There will be tons of fun, giveaways and goodies. Don’t miss out. Sign up now, spots will fill up!

August 20
8:30am Hatha with Kate
10am Boy Bands Inferno Strength with Matt
12pm Flow with Allison
2pm Restorative with Kalen
4pm Hot Power Flow with Nick

August 21
10am Inferno Hot Pilates
12pm Flow with Sarah
2pm Yin with Sydney
3pm Hot Power Flow with Chloe
4pm Hatha with Phelan
5:30pm Britney Spears Inferno Strength with Nick


  • FLOW is a class in which postures are linked together in a continuous, creative flow using your breath to maintain a rhythm.

  • HATHA focuses on engagement, strong alignment and may have longer holds in poses to recruit activation of muscle groups and challenge you in new ways.

  • SUPER STRETCH is designed to lengthen muscles that get tight with repetitive use in a class that is slower paced and anatomically focused.

  • HOT POWER FLOW turns up the volume and the heat as you move from one posture to the next with the breath. Expect to sweat, be challenged and grow in your practice.

  • CANDLELIGHT YIN targets the connective tissues helping to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility by combining deep stretching of the body and gentle relaxing of the mind

  • INFERNO HOT PILATES is a challenging, full body, low impact, high intensity workout that strengthens muscles without the pounding of a high impact workout (no jumping).

  • INFERNO STRENGTH is a high intensity interval training class that also provides dumbbells and resistance bands to turn up your workout a notch.

Saturday, August 20 and Sunday, August 21 all day!

The easiest way to sign up is to scroll back up to the schedule at the top of the page and click Register next to the class you want to attend. You also can book in the M3Yoga app or Mindbody app.

If you’ve never been to M3Yoga before, you will be asked to create an account or log into your Mindbody account to register.

Nope! Take as many as you want. All we ask is that you cancel any classes you can’t make it to so spots open up for others.

Yes! Just make sure they pre-register too so their spot is saved and y’all can enjoy class together.

You can log into your Mindbody account on our website or app and cancel your booking any time. Or email us at and we can cancel it for you. Try to cancel as early as possible to give someone on the waitlist a chance to take class too!

For yoga classes, we recommend starting with Hatha, Super Stretch, Warm Super Stretch or Candlelight Yin. Flow also can be a great option for those with some exposure to yoga.

For Inferno, any of the classes can be great, but Inferno Hot Pilates is what we recommend for newcomers.

Our studio capacity is limited to 50% of pre-pandemic spaces. Masks are optional at all times.

Then let us hook you up! We have a very special Open House membership deal. Just ask for it at the front desk before or after your class!