Lifestyle Partners

Our Lifestyle Partners program brings unique items from local makers, artisans, and entrepreneurs to our studio. The program is designed to support other makers and entrepreneurs, because we truly believe that doing what you love and what fuels you should be celebrated. This is just one small way we can help our community while also bringing unique, local products to our M3 Warriors.

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Manifest Boutique

Fair, ethically sourced goods curated with love.


Leather and Forge

Unique jewelry made by Athens artists.


Simply Cozy Soy

Handcrafted, beautifully scented soy candles


Sweet Disposition

Handcrafted compliments that can wow or awe.


AM Designs

AM Designs offers unique, handmade lavender eye pillows and neck wraps. These are great tools to help you unwind after a long day or during your personal yoga practice at home. And they're made by one of our M3 Warriors—Alyson!

Wellness Partners

Our Wellness Partners program provides our M3 Warriors access to other wellness resources in our community. These individuals, many of whom practice regularly at the studio, provide various services designed to help you feel your best. Some Wellness Partners utilize our M3Yoga Center at the Tree Room space to meet with clients during our off peak hours, while others offer M3 Warriors discounts or specials on their services.

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Nutrition Made Well - Staci Belcher

Staci is a registered dietitian nutritionist who believes in the power of food and mindful movement to nourish the body and to connect more deeply with oneself. Yoga entered Staci’s life in 2014 and has deepened her understanding of connection to the body, the mind, and others. Cultivating space for the challenges of life on the mat has influenced her approaches to life off the mat. She brings these perspectives into her time with clients to help them release guilt around food and create a practical plan for them to reach their goals. By focusing less on numbers and more on identifying tangible strategies for behavior change, clients learn how to focus more on the true predictors of optimal health. Staci delivers realistic nutrition guidance and identifies the root causes of behaviors in order to help clients transform their health. By approaching client’s lives holistically and teasing apart habits, Staci creates a personalized, focused strategy that propels her clients to the next level of thrive. Utilizing the M3Yoga Center at the Tree Room, Staci offers three, five, and eight session packages to build a foundation of habits to last a lifetime.


Matt Holton - LMT

Matt has been studying traditional medicine since 2005 and studying Thai Traditional Medicine and Massage since 2008 He has ongoing studies with several Traditional Doctors and teachers in Thailand and the U.S. Traditional study includes training in manual therapy, external body therapies, herbs, yoga, meditation, Buddhist practice, history and theory.

Matt has maintained a bodywork practice in Atlanta and Athens since 2008. Matt currently divides his work time between private clients, the NCAA Champion UGA Track and Field team, and teaching.
Traditional Thai Bodywork is a versatile and dynamic therapy that is used to treat pain, treat injuries both acute and chronic, improve range of motion and flexibility, increase energy levels and performance, align structure, manage stress, and improve digestive and organ function.