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So when opening our second studio we had a lot of options and choices to make. Many people asked for more Rocket (which we added) but with only 4 certified teachers currently, it is difficult to arrange that schedule. We also had a lot of requests for hot power yoga.

Now you all know, we have always been accessible and inclusive first and foremost. We have the largest variety of classes, truly one for EVERY body. And in order to keep this true, I felt there was a need for Power. People were asking for it.

Now I love a good hot class as much as anyone. I like to sweat. But that is my personal practice. When I teach, I like to teach smart movement and stages of difficulty to make the class truly enjoyable and accepting of whoever is in there. So Jamie Diaz (the creator of our Yoga Progressions class) and I went on a journey together to come up with Power360.

The thought was her Yoga Progressions class and my M360 would get hitched and give birth to Power360. We designed it to incorporate a peak pose into every class, with different “stages” of that pose.

The class is flow based, and the sequencing is meant to strengthen and open the areas of the body that are involved with getting into the peak posture. We spent a lot of time working on the class so it incorporated Power Yoga but kept to our M3 values.

These peak poses are more challenging, so we wanted a way to make it challenging and accessible and most importantly, smart. We wanted the movement to make sense with what we are working toward. Not just a million chaturangas for no reason (though you will get plenty of chaturanga). Some of our peak poses are even transitions, like jumping back or arm balance transitions. We created a rubric for the class and started to train teachers to teach it.

We of course incorporated philosophy in telling the stories of the poses and what inspires us about them. We target certain anatomical areas, just like M360, and it is progressively sequenced.

The heat was decided on because, one, most people expect a Power class to be heated and, two, to open the body faster to prepare for peak poses. I went down the rabbit hole of heat. I read scholarly articles about different types of heat, spoke with other yoga studios, and spent a lot of time on the phone with heating professionals. I decided on Far-Infrared heating panels and went with Prestyl, a company in California that is the best of the best. This is truly the industry standard if you want a feel good, not stuffy hot yoga class.

Far-infrared is different than what you are used to. It is not forced air, it is not humid, and it never feels like you can’t breathe in the room. Far-infrared heat searches for water molecules, so it does not heat the air, it heats the people and objects in the room.

It is like an infrared sauna. It literally assists you in building you own internal heat vs. being in a hot room with heating systems and forced humidity. Far-infrared heat also has a lot of health benefits. We believe it is the best way to feel good in a heated class.We invested in the heating panels and spent a lot of time adjusting wattages with the manufacturer (higher wattage means less panels) and angles to hang them so we wouldn’t obstruct our gorgeous skylights.

So far the reception to the class has been great, with so many people saying the heat is “different than other heated classes.” They also appreciate the thoughtful sequencing and intentionality of the class. It is fun, playful, challenging and accepting. Our Power360 teachers have spent time training in the methodology and spend a lot of time prepping for their classes to make it exactly right for you. To make the movement you are doing mean something. And to make you sweat.

I am glad we made this choice so our community can have an alternative when they want it. They can choose between a restorative class or a Power360 class. I really believe in helping people use their bodies as vehicles to their deeper, beautiful selves. I am glad we have just one more option to help them do that. Thanks for supporting our yoga Athens, GA. Come sweat with us in Power360, or not. We just want you to know that we are here for you in all ways. Always. Love you M3 warriors!

In Love, Light & Bracelets,
Founder and co-owner

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