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Private Yoga Lessons

M3Yoga was founded to meet your needs, whether you want a private group class for you and your friends, a private yoga therapeutics session for specific mindbody problems, or just a one-on-one session to deepen your individual practice.

Some people come and have never set foot in a yoga studio and want to be slowly introduced to the practice, others have practiced for years and want to deepen it with individualized instruction. Some groups want to host a yoga class as a means to relax or increase their fitness, while others want the expertise of a registered nurse to tailor yoga to their specific ailments, like arthritis or depression.

Whatever your need, M3Yoga has a private yoga offering to help you.


Perfect for the busy yogi or someone who really wants a specific type of class constructed for them. Great for a targeted vinyasa session, or a therapeutic session that focuses on a targeted area or problem, like pain or injury rehabilitation.


This session is perfect for therapeutic yoga. If you are struggling with a certain ailment or injury and want the time to focus on the therapeutic side of yoga this is for you. Also great for vinyasa/yin focused sessions as well.


For groups of 2-6. Create custom classes from mild/gentle/yin class to something more upbeat. Group classes are excellent for people suffering from the same ailments to more exciting party-themed classes. This is a great way to reduce cost for private instruction and get your friends and family to discover some of the same benefits.


Initial screening and health assessment, cost includes physical assessment and history, medications review and education, integrative treatment plan and yoga therapy care plan. Registered Nurse Nick Combs even communicate with any doctor’s involved in your current care about your status. This is M3Yoga’s specialty private service, integrating western medicine and eastern healing modalities. This is a true therapeutic approach to health. Call or email with questions.


This is scheduled after the Private Health Assessment appointment. This assessment will include ongoing monitoring of vital signs and physical and mental status as you move through the therapeutic yoga process. This price includes any testing and ongoing monitoring as needed.

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