R&B: M3Yoga offering $5 drop-in special

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The Red & Black included our $5 midterm student drop-in special in their round-up of yoga deals around town.

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M3 Yoga owner Nick Combs said that M3 Yoga is offering the deal because students might be stressed. A large portion of the evening yoga classes are college students, so he said offering the discounted classes was a good way to encourage students to make time to come during midterms.

He said he has already seen some students take advantage of the special. He also listed it being due to it helping with learning retention and giving both students and teachers time to focus on themselves.

“I actually have teachers who are in midterms as well, so . . . my teachers are stressed out too, so it’s important to honor what the atmosphere is, so I want to be careful because my only goal is to help people,” Combs said.