Ready to Share the Love?

We opened M3Yoga because we believe 100% in the power of yoga. To heal your body, your mind and your spirit. Our owner Nick—and most of our teachers—can attest to how yoga has changed their lives in deep, profound ways.

To encourage others to try yoga and to encourage you to share your experience with yoga, we’re launching a Share the Love Initiative.

This initiative rewards you for telling others about yoga and how’s it’s affected you. This is our small way of saying thank you for believing in the benefits of yoga and sharing the love of M3.

  1. Every time a friend signs up for an intro offer and mentions you as a referral, you get $5 account credit!
  2. If your friend signs up for a membership (except the Mini) you get $10 off your next month. They also get $10 off their second month!
  3. If your membership includes a guest pass, you can pick up a guest pass to give someone an ENTIRE WEEK of free yoga during November.

Every day we hear directly from you about how yoga has fixed your back problem. How’s it reduced your anxiety. How you’re doing and feeling better than you ever could have imagined. Those stories are why we do what we do. It’s why we pour so much love, effort and time into our studio. And those stories are hopefully why you encourage others to try yoga. Because it truly is so, so, so powerful.

Have a story to share about how yoga’s affected you? We’d love to hear!