R&B: New studio M3Yoga stirs up Athens yoga scene

m3yoga tree studio

The Red & Black wrote an article about our studio with some great info.

Check it out here.

Here are a few highlights from the piece.

“I really think that yoga can fit anybody despite really what their body type is and what their race is, their sex, their orientation,” (Nick) Combs said. “Whatever it is, I think that the shoe of yoga really fits on everybody.”

“Whether you’re moving your mind through meditation or you’re moving your matter through the body, in yoga that’s kind of where all three of those things tie together,” Combs said. “I really believe in what I’m doing and I really want to help people, so I really make sure that the people that are working with me want to help people too.”

“I’ve seen yoga change lives, [and] as dramatic and cliché as that sounds, it comes from the heart,” Combs said. “That’s why I feel really inclined to do this… because I have seen it work and I want to continue to help people that way.”