Keeping Our Community Safe

M3Yoga has reopened in a phased approach to ensure the safety and health of all our Warriors. We are doing everything we can do make your yoga experience the best it can be while keeping everything healthy. Thank you for your love and support!

How To Take In-Person Classes

In-Studio Flow

We’ve set up a system and flow of traffic to maximize social distancing upon arrival and in the lobby. Please review the “map” below to make sure you’re familiar. This process will allow up to 4 yogis in the lobby at a time.

During the entry of the studio, you will remove your shoes and place them in a locker. You’ll then wait in line (at an appropriate distance) until you can verbally check in and have your temperature taken by our team. Then you’ll have a chance to use the restroom or enter the practice space.

If you arrive and the lobby is full with 4 other Warriors, please wait outside at the appropriate marked spots for 30-60 seconds until the next person in line moves.

Once you enter the practice space, please do not leave it. If you need to use the restroom, walk down the center aisle and go upstairs to that facility.

General Info

Why did M3Yoga wait to reopen?
We are in the health and wellness business. And part of that meant keeping our studios closed for in-person classes to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

How long does each phase last?
We’re not sure. Hopefully things continue to get better over time and we can phase in more people and classes sooner than later, but safety is the priority here. We’d much rather have healthy Warriors than anything else.

Are both studios open?
No. Unfortunately, the Tree Room studio doesn’t provide us much room for social distancing measures, so we don’t have classes in there. All our virtual livestream classes are filmed from there though.

Are things be like they were before COVID-19?
No. Not only do we have extensive cleaning and disinfecting policies in place for our team, but we also need our Warriors to follow some new rules or guidelines to help us all stay healthy. But we promise the yoga is still the same, our team is still the same, and our community is still the same.

What about M3online recorded classes?
We’re continuing to film classes, and are over 240 already. M3online will be a critical part of M3 for a longtime to come.

What about M3live livestream classes?
We are livestreaming 1-4 M3live classes per day in addition to having M3online and in-person classes.

Are there any new studio rules?
Yes. You can view our updated studio guidelines here. We ask all Warriors follow these to ensure our community is healthy and the best it can be.

Are you doing extra cleaning?
Definitely! We’ve created an extensive manual of new cleaning and sanitizing procedures for our team. You can view an overview of what we’re doing here or at the bottom of this page.

We’re also working with a special company to have the studio cleaned with Electrostatic Disinfecting Spray monthly. The spray is a botanical disinfected spray that is EPA approved to kill 99.9% of bacteria, mold and viruses, including COVID-19. It creates a barrier on surfaces to help keep microbes off for 30 days.

Our studio’s air is also being continuously cleaned by a large air purifier with a HEPA filter for mold, bacteria, dust and viruses. The purifier circulates the air every 30 minutes and captures 99.97% of particles up to .3 microns leaving behind clean air and safer.

Have any changes been made around the studio? 
Yes. We’ve installed automated hand sanitizer dispensers, soap and paper towel dispensers, and toilet seat cover holders. We’ve also deep cleaned and sanitized everything.

Are you taking temperatures?
Yes. During verbal check-in, we will be taking your temperature to ensure you do not have a fever.

Class & Schedules

What do I need to do to attend classes at M3Yoga?
We now have different operational requirements for our students. To address those appropriately, part of our re-opening requires a new waiver from each of our Warriors.

Before you can take your next class with us, you must fill out an updated waiver.

Are you offering the same classes now?
Our class offerings remain about the same. We’ve temporarily taken Restorative off the schedule until we can use props again. We’ve also added some shorter classes since everyone’s schedule is slightly different.

Do you have hot classes?
Yep! Expect that same great far infrared heat to warm you up during class. You will need to bring your own hot yoga towel or sweat towel for use. We also can order or sell you one.

Do you have non-hot classes?
Of course!

How many classes are there?
We have started with 28 in-person classes and 16 M3live livestream classes per week—total of 44 classes to take. We will remain flexible and adjust as needed. We anticipate slowly adding classes over time to get back near the number we were at before COVID-19.

Is my favorite teacher be teaching again?
Maybe. A lot of our teachers are on the schedule again, but there are some who have either chosen not to teach right now or we weren’t able to find a class slot for just yet. But all our teachers are still on the M3 team and eager to see you again.

What are in-person classes like now?
Our classes still have that modern, accessible yoga you love from our expert teachers. We just have a few differences for the time being. We are distancing mats and have limited class sizes to ensure safety. We also are not using props, eye pillows or eucalyptus towels in studio right now. Other than that, expect the same good music, great people and amazing yoga.

How many people are in each class?
To ensure safety, we’ve limited classes in the main studio to 27% maximum, or 12 people.

How are mats arranged?
We are ensuring proper social distancing between all yogis for now. This means our maximum class capacity is 12. We will help guide you to the spots designated on the floor for distancing. To view a rough mat layout, click here.

Are you recording during in-person classes?
No. You won’t be recorded during an in-person classes. All our recording is done separately and deliberately. We want the practice space to be a special space where you don’t have to worry about an audience.

Are we using props in class?
Not right now. We can’t confidently do that safely yet. But we will start to use them as soon as we can. You’re always welcome to bring your own props (except a blanket) from home if you’d like, but our teachers will be planning classes that use minimal props. We can order anything you need and get your member discount applied. Or order some from our online store.

Do you have hot yoga towels, sweat towels or hairbands for use?
Not yet. As much as we’d love to have these available for use, we just can’t have the added risk. We’re reducing as much laundry as possible in studio so our team can stay safe and on top of cleaning and disinfecting.

Do I have to wear a mask in class?
No. But we do require that you wear a mask in the rest of the studio and traveling to and from the studio. Our team will be wearing masks around the studio, except when teaching.

What can I do to keep everyone safe in studio?
If you are sick, coughing, sniffling, have a fever or don’t feel well, stay at home. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer when you arrive. Bring as few outside items in the studio as possible. Cover your mouth if you cough or sneeze and then go wash your hands. Stay a safe distance from everyone. And avoid touching surfaces or items unless necessary.

Once you pick up your belongings (yoga mat, props, etc.) from inside the practice space after class, please do not set them down again on benches, the couch or other communal areas.

Can I still use a studio mat?
Not in Phase 1. In Phases 2 and 3, we’re renting out studio mats for $2 due to the extra cleaning supplies we have to use to ensure safety. Don’t want to rent? We have B Mats for sale in studio. You also can buy one any time at our online store.

Can I come before class or stay after to hang out?
No. We ask that you arrive between 5 and 10 minutes before class time. We will open the doors 20 minutes before class time. After class, please gather your belongings and exit the studio in a timely fashion to avoid prolonged exposure.

Can anyone take in-person class during Phase 1?
No, the first two weeks (June 1-14) of in-person classes are reserved for monthly, semester and annual members. Class pass holders, virtual month/week members and guests can still take M3live classes during that time. 

Should I pre-register for class?
Pre-registering and pre-paying for class are required in Phase 1. We are not allowing walk-in yogis both for safety and ease, but also to ensure class spots go to Warriors who have been supporting us.

What if I late cancel?
With limited class spots available, it is more critical than ever you cancel with plenty of notice.

For in-person classes, our late cancellation policy has resumed with an updated fee of $18 for late canceling within 6 hours since you are taking a spot from another Warrior. The only exception is if you are sick or have a fever.

What if I don’t show up to a class?
Like late cancelling, no showing is taking a spot from another yogi.

For in-person classes, our no show policy has resumed and you will be charged an updated fee of $28 if you do not show to an in-person class. The only exception is if you are sick or have a fever.

Is there a limit on the number of in-person classes I can take?
No. But due to the small class sizes if you register for multiple classes and do not show or early cancel, we will limit your future ability to pre-register online. Please be mindful about only signing up for classes you will be able to attend.

How far in advance can I register for class?
We have changed it so that for in-person classes you can only register 7 days in advance. This encourages all Warriors to only register for classes they can commit to.

Membership & Pricing

Did prices changing?
Yes. We have optimized our pricing to ensure that monthly members are the priority. With limited in-person space and additional costs of extra cleaning, sanitizing, equipment and extra staffing required, we also have had to increase the monthly rate for new members.

The new membership also accounts for our new M3live and M3online offerings, which add to your practice options as a Warrior.

I’m already a member, did my rate change?
No. We never raise rates on current members. As always, if you’ve joined before June 1, you’re grandfathered in to the monthly membership price you have for as long as you keep your membership active. If you cancel, you will only be able to rejoin at the new rates.

What about semester passes?
We still have them! Perfect option for students enrolled in classes. Our summer one runs now to August 1.

What about class passes?
We aren’t offering class passes to ensure space for our monthly members. If you have a 10 Class Pass in your account already, you can still use it until it is gone.

What about prepaid annual passes?
We still have one! It’s your best rate possible.

I need to cancel or pause my membership.
We’re sad to see you go! If it’s due to finances, let us know. Several generous Warriors have donated to ensure members who lose their jobs right now can keep practicing. To cancel, fill out the form here. To pause, use this form.

Miscellaneous FAQs

What’s the difference between M3live and M3online?
M3live offers livestream classes during which the instructor is right there live with you on screen. It offers virtual classes.

M3online offers pre-recorded quality classes. There is no live instructor.

Will M3 close again?
We don’t plan to unless it’s necessary for the safety of our community or mandated. Part of the reason we are staying closed so long is to avoid opening up early and then having to close due to a spike of new infections.

What about Guest Week Pass or Guest Passes?
For Phase 1 and Phase 2, all Guest Week Passes and Guest Passes remain virtual only (M3live access). In Phase 3, we will be able to have your guests into the studio again.

Are you doing hands-on adjustments?
No. Our studio already was pretty limited with hands-on adjustments, but right now our teachers aren’t allowed to do them at all.

Where can I buy a mat or props?
We will have them in studio. Our online store also has all the mats and props you need. We only stock items we personally recommend using.

Are lockers available for use?
We recommend leaving as much as possible in your vehicle or at home, but you will have access to lockers. You will place your shoes and belongings in an open locker and close it after class so we know it’s been used.

How can I keep supporting M3Yoga?
The simplest way is to stay or become a member! Recurring memberships allow us to have an idea of revenue and keep our community sustainable.  Also share our stuff on social, tell your friends about M3. Spread the love.

But, most of all, just keep practicing. Help us carry out our mission of modern, accessible yoga.

Is water available?
Our water fountain is closed for now, so be sure to bring water with you. We have pre-filled bottles for sale if you forget.

Can I take a shower after class?
The shower is off limits for now.

Can I pay in cash?
Our studio has gone cashless, so you will need to keep a card on file to purchase anything in studio.

Cleaning & Sanitizing

What we’re doing:

  • Requiring teachers to wash their hands before/after classes
  • Using cleaner and disinfectant in the lobby, bathrooms and practice spaces throughout the day
  • Reducing class sizes & increasing distance between students
  • Disinfecting down common areas multiple times per day
  • Washing and sanitizing towels daily
  • Having hand sanitizer available for use
  • Mopping and sanitizing the practice space floor after every class
  • Swapping out air system and humidifier filter
  • Diffusing doTERRA On Guard. On Guard helps purify the air
  • Not using studio-owned mats or props
  • Not using eye pillows or eucalyptus towels
  • Using a verbal sign in system
  • Adding automated sanitizing, hand soap and paper towel dispensers
  • No longer accepting cash
  • Staying up-to-date on all federal, state and local guidelines and recommendations
  • Stopping hands-on adjustments
  • Not allowing showering or changing upstairs
  • Having the studio cleaned with Electrostatic Disinfecting Spray monthly. The spray is a botanical disinfected spray that is EPA approved to kill 99.9% of bacteria, mold and viruses, including COVID-19.

What you can do:

  • If you have a cough, fever, the sniffles, or are sick, please stay home! This helps make everyone feel safe and stay healthy
  • Bring your own mat/towel/props.
  • Wash your hands frequently, for 20-30 seconds at a time
  • Come to class clean and maintain good personal hygiene
  • Cover your mouth if you cough or sneeze, then wash your hands after doing so
  • Keep doing yoga! Yoga is a great way to stay healthy mentally and physically. Studies also have shown a regular yoga practice can boost your immune system.
  • Once you pick up your belongings (yoga mat, props, etc.) from inside the practice space after class, please do not set them down again on benches, the couch or other communal areas.
  • Shop local! Support all your favorite local small businesses that are being affected the most by the economic effect of COVID-19.