Review: M3Yoga offered a free yoga class to all skill levels

m3yoga free yoga class

A Red & Black reporter attended our free yoga class in the Athens Tree Room and wrote a nice review about it.

You can read it here.

Some highlights:

The class was catered toward yogis at all different levels. There were people who were beginners and this was their first time taking a yoga class and then there were others who were doing handstands. Lori Hanna was an experienced with five to six years under her belt, however, it was her first time at M3.

“I’m really excited about doing yoga in this room because it is really nice,” Hannah said. “I really think this class will help improve my flexibility.”

The instructor was focused on the students throughout the class even helping beginners do a handstand. He also encouraged them to “screw the Instagram poses” and recognize that everyone is at their own level and when practicing yoga they have to focus on their own bodies and not the poses anyone else can do.