Yoga Instructor Profile: Scarlett Chang

Scarlett Chang

Teaches: Power360

Where are you from? Atlanta, Georgia

How long have you lived in Athens? Around 4 years

What’s your passion? Seeing the world, teaching yoga, making art

Favorite book? It’s hard to choose a favorite! Often times it’ll change but right now, it’s anything by Gillian Flynn and Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.

Favorite movie? Not a movie, but I love Black Mirror on Netflix.

Favorite restaurant? In Athens, it would probably be Condor.

When did you start practicing yoga and why?
I started practicing yoga consistently in 2010 as a way to get more internally connected.

What’s your favorite yoga style?
I love to practice alignment based vinyasa, YogaHour, and yin.

How long have you taught yoga? What inspired you to teach?
I have been consistently teaching for about a year. I love sharing the practice of yoga, creating community, and interacting with my students.

What’s your advice to someone who is new to yoga?
Show up with an open mindset, be consistent, focus less on the external manifestation of the shapes and don’t be afraid to ask questions and fall over!

What is your favorite pose?
I don’t really have a favorite. It really depends on what my body needs

What’s your favorite class to teach at M3? Favorite to take?
I love to teach flow classes and M3’s signature class: Power360. I love Flow & Restorative classes equally. I think it’s important to nourish both the yin and the yang aspects of my practice.

What do you enjoy most about M3?
I love the community at M3. Whether I’m taking class or teaching class, I know that it’s a safe space to come and unwind and reset.