A Note from M3

There really are only two words we can say to express our gratitude for the love and support we’ve received these 4+ years: Thank You. It’s a simple phrase, but carries the weight of our hearts. The journey of our studio community has been beyond magical. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve connected, we’ve grown. And now we give back to you, our members.

November 14-21 is Members Appreciation Week at M3Yoga. A week full of AMAZING events, community, giveaways, fun, and gratitude. We have more than 20 special members only events planned to thank you for supporting us.

On top of the special events, we also have giveaways after every single class (that’s 45+ giveaways!), unlimited Guest Passes for you to giveaway, special Merch deals, yoga mat deals, candy, cookies, laughs and so much more!

We hope that you’ll be able to join us during this very special week. It’s the culmination of our gratitude for your love during 2021 and beyond. It’s one small way we can visibly express our love for you in a fun, celebratory way.

One quick note before the fun begins, we recognize that yoga is a deeply spiritual practice with storied roots. We continue to honor the practice and its sacredness and have consulted with our D&I Committee and leadership teams and believe we can lean into our playful side sporadically while remaining within our integrity to honor the spiritual practice of yoga. Lila translates to play or divine sport. The playful interaction between the absolute and the material world. We think of this week as an opportunity to lean into that, and one of our core values, playfulness.

So go ahead and hit that book button for the events below, registration is open prior to the 7 day window. They will fill up fast!!

With grateful hearts,
Nick, Matt & the M3 Team

Special Event Schedule

(Register by using the M3Yoga app or Mindbody widget at the bottom of the page)

Sunday, November 14
2pm iRest with Sarah

Monday, November 15
4pm Flashback Flow with Sarah
5:30pm Mindful Movement (In Studio & Virtual) with Kate
8pm Hot EmPOWERed Flow with Amy

Tuesday, November 16
4pm Hardcore Inferno with Matt
5:30pm Heavy Metal Hatha with Phelan
8pm Classic Rock Warm Slow Flow with Victoria

Wednesday, November 17
6:30 Flow + Coffee with Allison
5:30pm Philosophy Flow with Sydney
6:30pm Inferno After Dark with Nick

Thursday, November 18
8am Hippie Trippy Hatha with Chloe
5:30pm Pranayama & Meditation with Kate
7:30pm Sound Bath + Yin with Matt & Chase

Friday, November 19
4pm CBD Chocolate Flow with Phelan
5:30pm 90s Pump Up Inferno Core with Katie
6pm Acoustic Slow Flow & Yin with Chloe

Saturday, November 20
10am Yoga for Back Health with Nick
11:30am Chanting Circle with Chase
2pm Chakra Bracelet Making with Chloe

Sunday, November 21
10am 80s Inferno with Matt
4pm Journey of the Warriors Hatha with Kurt
6pm Members Meal/Potluck