M3Yoga Center

M3Yoga has brought some of the highest quality yoga and instruction to Athens, GA. Now it’s offering yoga teacher training.

Beginning in 2018, M3Yoga will launch The M3Yoga Center—a Yoga Alliance registered school dedicated to providing some of the best workshops, trainings and information to yoga teachers and other lifetime learners.

About the training

The M3Yoga Center’s yoga teacher training exposes students to variety of branches of yoga, including vinyasa, yin, Rocket, therapeutic and more.

The 200 hour training is certified by Yoga Alliance and held one weekend a month for nine months. Students will be able to teach vinyasa flow classes upon completion.

There are two different tracks depending on what your goals is with the training.

Teaching Track: This track is for you if you think you might ever teach and want to receive your yoga alliance certification. It’s for those who have a strong passion for yoga and want to share that with others.

Enrichment Track: This is for you if you want to deepen your understanding of yoga and take a spiritual plunge but don’t forsee yourself teaching and/or do not want to teach. Those taking this track will not be required to attend the Friday practicums, but will need to attend all other dates to complete the program.

About the instructors

Nick Combs, E-RYT and Registered Nurse

Gota Cerebro, E-RYT and Shiatsu practitioner

It is so rare to find a combination of experiences like Nick & Gota. Nick’s knowledge of the physical anatomy, kinetics, and physiology melds perfectly with Gota’s shiatsu, meditation and energetic body experience to make this an amazing and rare combination of teachers. Not to mention the two are amazing yoga teachers and will always leave you laughing and joyous.

Nick Combs

Nick hails from the Washington, D.C. metro area where he has lived most of his life. He is a Registered Nurse and began his career at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD working in the cardiovascular ICU, taking care of postoperative patients after heart surgery. He later transitioned into emergency medicine, surgery, and substance abuse treatment.

He has a passion for anatomy and physiology and believes having a detailed understanding of the physical body and how it operates at a cellular level enhances your ability to practice and instruct yoga.

Nick has been practicing yoga for seven years and completed his 200hr teacher training at Rubber Soul in Athens, GA. Nick teaches and has trained in a variety of styles of yoga and is currently pursuing his 500hr certification through Asheville Yoga Center.

Nick is also a Certified Rocket Yoga Instructor after completing his 60 hour training with Amber Gean Espelage in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2017.

Gota Cerebro

Gota is a native to Argentina. As long as he can remember, he’s been wondering the mysteries of life. That internal yearning motivated him to leave his native country. This journey took him to over 25 countries.

In 1999, he had his first direct contact with yoga which was Ashthanga yoga vinyasa in Ecuador. In 2001, he discovered zen meditation in Switzerland and then moved to Spain and spent over a year in a zen monastery  practicing meditation and  doing intense retreats. In 2004, he became a shiatsu practitioner, which is a type of Japanese digitopuncture  based on oriental tradition.

During all these years, he was interested in all styles of yoga from Kundalini, to yin yoga, to vinyasa, etc.  In 2008, he became certified with 200 hours of training in vinyasa yoga with Rolf Gates in Athens, Ga. In 2012, he also became certified with 230 hours from the Asheville Yoga Center in North Carolina. He is registered through the Yoga Alliance E-RYT200.

The next cohort begins in August 2018.

The training weekends are:

  • August 24-26
  • September 8-10
  • October 12-14
  • November 2-4
  • December 7-9
  • January 11-13
  • February 1-4
  • February 22-24
  • March 8-10

Training is held:

Fridays 6-9:30 pm
Saturdays 9am – 7pm
Sundays 8am – 1 pm

The cost of the training covers materials, refreshments, venue costs and instructors time.

Teacher track: $2,569
Be one of the first 5 to sign up to save $500!

Enrichment track: $2,069
Be one of the first 5 to sign up to save $300!

Payment can be made over time. An initial $500 deposit secures a spot.

Ready to take the plunge?

This training is right for you if:

  • You are 18 or older.
  • You have a deep desire to deepen your yoga practice and/or a desire to share your love of yoga with others.
  • You also should be ready to accept the challenge and deepen your life with an in-depth study of yoga.
  • You like to laugh (not required, but it helps!)


Early birds get a $500 or $300 discount!

Questions? Email nursenick@m3yoga.com