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Yoga Teacher Training Athens, GA

The M3Yoga Center in Athens, Georgia offers a variety of Yoga Alliance certified 200 hour and 300 hour yoga teacher training and yoga workshops for yogis of all skill levels and backgrounds.

The Center’s yoga teacher training exposes students to variety of branches of yoga, including vinyasa, yin, Rocket, therapeutic and more. Through training modules, workshops and other instruction, the Center prepares yogis to teach and to deepen their personal practices in smart, meaningful ways.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Whether you only want to deepen your practice or you intend to share your passion of yoga with students, this is where to begin. Our training takes you deep into a variety of topics and teaches you how to apply them, and more importantly, how to teach.

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300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Take your knowledge to an entire different level. This is where you can tailor your yoga depth in a modular format with little interruption to your life. Can be completed in less than a year with only one weekend a month.

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Our Core Values

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We believe yoga is meant to meet you where you are and train teachers to offer yoga to ALL people in an intelligent way.
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Part of the “mind” (duh) of our 3 M’s – we believe that yoga isn’t only about physical exertion but creating space for people to get more in touch with themselves. We train teachers to facilitate this thoughtfully and mindfully.
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Anatomy Focused

Falling under the “matter” of our 3 M’s – we believe in moving people and knowing why we are doing it. Expect to have an edge over other teachers. You will be able to apply it to all types of yoga to all people and understand the WHY of a pose.
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Falling under our “movement” M – we believe in supporting people to be as functional (mind and body) as possible so we support functionally moving peoples bodies and minds in a yoga class and train teachers to facilitate that as well.
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Passion (Tapas)

Tapas meaning “to burn” in Sanskrit we believe in burning bright. So not only support movement physical but learning how to be a part of a MOVEMENT socially or in your yoga community. We teach to believe in yourself and your passion with everything in you and how to translate that to your students in a class setting.


Falling under all three of our M’s we teach adaptability to our teachers. We aren’t always going to be perfect and if we can learn to be adaptable we can learn to teach that in pose modifications, or in a different style or class type. Our teachers learn how to become the most adaptable and versatile out there.

Lead Instructors

Nick Combs

Registered Nurse, E-RYT 200, YACEP
Nick hails from the Washington, D.C. metro area where he has lived most of his life. He is a Registered Nurse and began his career at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD working in the cardiovascular ICU, taking care of postoperative patients after heart surgery. He later transitioned into emergency medicine, surgery, and substance abuse treatment.

He has a passion for anatomy and physiology and believes having a detailed understanding of the physical body and how it operates at a cellular level enhances your ability to practice and instruct yoga.

Nick is an E-RYT200 and has completed 120 hours of advanced certification in The Rocket System with Amber Gean Espelage from Yogaah in Cincinnati, Ohio. Nick has completed several advanced trainings through Asheville Yoga Center, including an advanced therapeutic training with Doug Keller.

Nick is also currently completing an advanced 300hr training with Noah Maze and Peach Friedman.

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Kate Guthrie

E-RYT 500
Kate originally came to yoga in college in efforts to help reconnect to her body after battling disordered eating. With pranayama and asana, yoga provided a space for her to discover wholeness and appreciation for her body. Kate’s classes are a direct reflection of her Pranakriya training. You’ll find each of her classes to be meditative and centered around the breath, while being present to both physical and emotional experiences. Her hope is that each and every one of her students leaves class feeling more whole, alive, and worthy of being.Certifications include RYS 500 Hour Pranakriya Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training, RYS 200 Pranakriya Yoga (with Yoganand Michael Carroll & Marlysa Sullivan), and Certified Yoga in My School Teacher.

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Other Instructors

Amber Gean Espelage

Amber is the creator of Yoga ah! Studio. She has studied classical ashtanga with Tim Miller, Lino Miele, and Chuck and Maty Miller. She credits Larry Schultz with being her most influential teacher. She trained with him at It’s Yoga San Francisco in Spring 2000, where she earned her 200 RYT and was introduced to the Rocket. Once she met Larry she veered away from the traditional Ashtanga practice and adopted Rocket Yoga sequencing as her main practice and teaching.

Amber Gean is registered teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals as a senior yoga instructor with over 15 years of experience and over 10,000 hours of teaching and teacher training experience.

Amber Gean opened Yoga ah! in 2007. When her guru Larry Schultz left his body in 2011, Amber began writing and assembling a 500 hour Rocket yoga training course so that she may continue Larry’s work on the Rocket.

As of 2016, her 500-Hour Ashtanga and Rocket Yoga training course has been recognized by the Yoga Alliance Professional in the United Kingdom.

She is a pioneer in the modernization of Ashtanga and Rocket Vinyasa Yoga and honors the lineage of Krishnamacharya.

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Annie Marcum

Annie Marcum received her 200-hr yoga teaching certification in September of 2012. Since then she has been studying and learning from different teachers throughout the country and abroad. She found iRest, a research-based transformative practice of deep relaxation and meditative inquiry, in November of 2015 after a personal traumatic experience, and has been so grateful for the events in her life that brought her to this practice.

iRest has shown Annie the immense peace, stillness and ease that lies within, that is untouched by the traumatic experiences of life and can always be accessed. She is currently in the iRest certification process, with hopes to be fully certified in 2018.

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