Yoga Teacher Trainee: Chelsea Guedes

Chelsea Guedes is one of the yoga teacher trainees in our Fall 2018 cohort. Read more about her story and why she’s training at M3Yoga. 

Where are you from? New York

Where do you live? ? Athens

Favorite place you’ve been? Hardest question ever. Tie between Barcelona, Greece, and Vienna

What’s your passion? Documenting my travels

Favorite pose? Camel


How long have you practiced yoga?
I have practiced you consistently for 2 years, but on and off for about 5

What’s your favorite yoga style?
Toughie!! It’s a tie between ashtanga and vinyasa; honestly ashtanga would probably win out because it is so nurturing to me and keeps me in my body at all times.

Why did you decide to attend teacher training?
I fell in love with yoga. I give a piece of myself every time I step on the mat and learn more about myself when I get off it. Before I left for Europe 2 years ago I changed my mentality from “one day I’ll (fill in the blank)” to TODAY. I kept living in this “one day” mentality and quickly realized one day would never come unless I did something about it. So as I booked my ticket and embarked on that journey, I carried yoga with me, and practiced each and every day. It was all I had at the time. My mat, my camera, and myself.

Why did you decide to train at the M3Yoga Center?
M3 opened 2 days after I got back from Europe, and I’ve been here ever since. Honestly there’s no other reason for choosing this center other than Nick has helped me more than he’ll ever know, and I couldn’t imagine learning from anyone else. I knew that whatever stage of yoga I was in, I would be welcomed and unjudged here.

What has been your favorite part of the training so far?
Having to open up and delve into the deeper parts of myself isn’t easy, but it has been worthwhile.

What’s been the hardest part of the training so far?
Journaling and being honest about where I am and how I am feeling. Acceptance that time takes time.

What is one thing you wish you knew before the training?
There is much more to it than just sequencing a class.

What is your advice to someone considering teacher training?
Take your time. Read the material. Most importantly, remember that you are you and that’s what makes you as a teacher and your class different.


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